Cooking classes in chianti tuscany


Cooking classes in chianti tuscany

The Italian Tuscan Cuisine

The Tuscan Cuisine is one of the oldest among the Italian regional cuisines. Even today, many of the typical dishes retain their original recipe. Like almost all traditional Italian kitchens, even the Tuscan one is characterized by simple preparations, with ingredients that are easily available and of peasant origin.

Tuscan cuisine has very ancient origins. In fact some dishes date back to the Etruscan era and have been handed down from generation to generation.  Tuscan cuisine reached its peak under the Medici family. Moreover, The typical dishes of the various provinces have instead medieval origins. In fact they date back  when the exchange of goods and money was limited. Living from their own resources forced them to make simple dishes like the Florentine ribollita, the Sienese panforte, the buccellato of Lucca and many others in every country, in every corner of the Tuscan territory.

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